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Car Detailing Leicester

Level 3 – Detail

If your car has deeper defects/orange peel or you are wanting the very finest paintwork our level 3 detail is for you, we can offer deep defect removal through heavy cutting and sanding.

Your car is washed and we decontaminate the entire vehicle, safely dry it off and get it inside our studio to prep for machine polishing. Within the vehicle’s time with us, you can expect fantastic results to happen. This package is designed to brighten up your pride and joy or remove light paint swirls commonly caused by cheap car washing.

To finish off, we would generally opt for a good spray sealant backed up with a warm glowing hard wax to finish and protect the vehicle. Ceramic coating can be added at an additional cost.

Please note: Interiors are not included in this price. While it’s with us, we are open to doing an interior deep clean at a discounted rate, seeing as the car is with us for some time.


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